Discover all that Lucas Diesel Service
has to offer for your business

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The Lucas Diesel Service Concept

Multi-brand diesel specialist workshop network
Service to all systems and vehicles on the market
Technology, product quality, training and technical assistance
The highest possible return rate in the shortest period of time
Your business more innovative, profitable, competitive and successful
The best guarantee thank you to a brand with 150 years on the market

Our vision

Generate a global, modern and professional network of workshops for diesel specialists.

Create a large group of trusted establishment that become the customers first choice.

Turn your workshop into the main expert diesel supplier of your area.

Give the best experience to our clients, based on quality, professionalism and excellence.

Receive the best training and technical assistance on the market from Lucas professionals.

Access to the full range of Lucas Diesel Systems products.

Our objective

Build a long-term successful business model.
Efficiently react to any demand
that arises in the market.
Optimally position our network
within each local area of action.
Provide an excellent service in diagnosis,
testing, repair and maintenance
of diesel injection systems.
Be the option of those seeking experience, quality, profitability
and service in the diesel sector.
Offer the best image through
the international reputation of the Lucas brand.

The foundation for your Success

The best professional service in a workshop today, Lucas Diesel Systems offers you the most complete solution on spare parts, testing equipment, comprehensive training and technical assistance.
Spare parts

* Wide range of multi-brand product.
* The largest catalog on the market: more than 10,000 component references and 2,000 reman.
* Exclusivity of components for the newest diesel systems on the market.
* Excellence in technology and innovation.

Testing Equipment

* For all brands.
* Suitable for each type of workshop.
* Maximum quality and precision.
* Plug & play and easy to use.
* Homologated tests and online updates.

Comprehensive training

* Highest level training experiences.
* Updated program of diesel courses.
* Theory and practice in small groups.
* Highly qualified instructors.

Technical Assistance

* Analysis, diagnostics and fast professional solutions.
* Technical experts available.
* Coverage of all brands and manufacturers.
* Increased performance for your business.